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When all you need is a dog.

My name is Victoria Platt, and I am The Animal Sketcher, I create bespoke pieces of artwork from your favourite photographs.

Getting to combine my talents for drawing with my unconditional love for animals, I think this makes me one of the luckiest people in the world.


The Animal Sketcher was born out of these two passions and rooted around having been the proud owner of a beautiful black Irish greyhound named Kane. He is the soul reason my brand is here today, from what started out as me being a cheap skate and drawing peoples present to now being the best thing I do. I have Kane to thank for that. He shaped what I have today. He was a girl’s best friend, confidant, and all-round partner in crime…. the tissue ripping type.

He was the most ridiculous dog in the world……

…. but do you know what, without him The Animal Sketcher wouldn’t exist.

He’s the foundation for this brand.

Having drawn all my life for close family and friends, taking the next step and sharing it with the world was a scary prospect. However, 3 ½ years later. I am still a cheap skate and draw my families presents, but I also get to share in the wonderful reactions I get when people realise, they get to keep a lasting memory of their best friends.

Not What or even How, but Why.

As a pet portrait and wildlife artist everyone knows what I do and the majority know how I do it, however how many know why I do it. Ever considered why? Why do I create portraits of my wonderful clients’ pets?


My main and overarching reason is to create everlasting memories. Our pets aren’t with us long enough, I know this now and what I would give for another day of ear twiddles and wet noses; I help immortalise these moments in coloured pencil.


Whether it be to help the healing process or serve as a point of solace to gather thoughts to carry on or it could be as simple as a likeness to talk to. I talk to my portrait of Kane, my greyhound, all the time – I’m not crazy, I promise.

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