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The Animal Sketcher

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Celebrating your pet in colour

Wildlife and pet portraiture by professional artist Victoria Platt, working in the heart of Staffordshire. Otherwise known as The Animal Sketcher I create bespoke pet and wildlife portraits from photographs, priding myself in detailed and realistic artworks.


Working from your favourite images, I craft stunning pieces of artwork to serve as permanent loving reminders of beloved pets, using Faber-Castell coloured pencils on archival quality vellum paper.

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Interior Design
Image by Minh Pham

When all you need is a dog.

Hi, I'm Victoria Platt

I am The Animal Sketcher, I create bespoke pieces of artwork from your favourite photographs. Getting to combine my talents for drawing with my unconditional love for animals, I think makes me one of the luckiest people in the world.


The Animal Sketcher was born out of these two passions and rooted around having been the proud owner of a beautiful black Irish greyhound named Kane. He is the sole reason my brand is here today, from what started out as me being a cheap skate and drawing people's present to now being the best thing I do. I have Kane to thank for that. He shaped what I have today. He was a girl’s best friend, confidant, and all-around partner in crime…. the tissue-ripping type.


Photographs of your beloved pets, turned into stunning works of art.

Custom artwork of your pet you won't be able to live without


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